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Law bookAguelo Abogados is a highly distinctive law firm established in 1996. We've been identified as experts in the whole Immigration process, from the very beginning. Our firm consists of a professional team of extensive experienced and honest attorneys at law / lawyers / solicitors registered on the ICAB (Barcelona Distinguished Bar Association). We're aware of the importance for our customers to be updated by a comprehensive counseling regarding this area, and our aim is to provide any legal channel for the expatriate or the immigrant to obtain, not only his/her residence and work permit, but also the required support to get it.

The current situation states that immigration in Europe, and especially in Spain, is much more complicated day after day; that is why our firm works at a state and an autonomous level in order to provide companies and individuals, the required immigration procedures.

Title Attorneys is Mrs. Nieves Aguelo Torrens, Bachelor of Laws by the Abat Oliva University (Honor Grant Holder), First Graduating class 1989-1994, and Master in Inmigration Law by Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE) .She is also a member of the Barcelona Distinguished Bar Association since 1994. Actually professor of Inmigration law in ESADE.

Our aim is to advise about your best option at all times, and we assure a complete follow up of your files from the beginning up to the end.

Our best reference is the amount of immigrant customers from Barcelona and its surroundings, who guarantee our efficiency and professionalism.

At a business level, we can proudly state that we advise about the immigration process international excellent reputation companies and entities from Barcelona.

We also outsource our advice and assistance to different law firms without an immigration department.

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